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Posted: February 8, 2009 in Cool Cars!, Videos

our_cars_bannerWhat is it about cars that fascinates us so much?  Like my son, Brian, in this photo, we can’t wait to become 16 to get our license and hit the road.  For me, it was 1969, right in the heart of the muscle car era.  I was sad when they became extinct in 1975, but I’m excited to see them come back to life in the new Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger.  Long live the pony cars!



 Do you like cars?  Have you owned any cool cars?  Then stick around!


Send me up to six photos of favorite cars you have owned and one of your dream car and I will post them for all to admire.  Send them to



Be on the lookout for the car of the month!


In the meantime, I will start us off with a few of my own…



I bought my first car in 1971.  It was this ’65 Mustang.  289 V8 and three on the floor.  Karen, do you remember when we got it up to 103 mph?

Three years later I bought my first new car, the ’74 Mustang II on the left.







A few years later I had to sell the Mustang II so I could go back to college.  I sold it to my parents and bought this ’67 convertible from Deb, my sister.  I had to keep my gloves on during the winter since the rag top could not shield me from the cold Chicago weather.  It also had a floor mounted windshield washer pump sprayer, which worked fine until it went right through the rusty floor, another victim of the northern state!



Remember the Javelin, American Motors’s pony car?  The underdog actually ruled the Trans-AM racing series in 1971 and 72.  It featured a wrap around cockpit, a usable back seat and ride quality that beat the competition, not to mention beautiful styling.  I had to sell it soon after we got married, however, because we couldn’t afford it averaging only 13 mpg.



After 15 years and 11 company cars later,  I got a new job that allowed me to buy whatever I wanted, so I got this ’93 Chevy Cavalier Z24 with a strong V6 mated to a fun 5 speed transmission.  Cheap thrills!



30 years later, I had a convertible again.  More comfortable and warmer than my old Mustang, this car was great until the engine blew up on me!







My Saturn Ion Redline delivers a nice blend of fun with practicality.  It’s supercharged engine gets me to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds and the 5 speed has a good feel with short throws.  It sticks to the road like glue but I feel every bump!  The back seats are easy to get to and I actually brought home a 10 foot weeping willow tree with the back seat folded down and the top of the tree sticking out the front passenger window!




What I would like to own someday: The new Dodge Challenger


___84_fiero2What I would like to restore one day: ’84-’88 Pontiac mid-engine Fiero







This 3 minute video I put together full of chase scenes from 16 movies should help kick things off for us! 

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