Photo Gallery


More things happened this year, both good and bad, than any previous year that I can recall, and we went more places than we’ve ever gone before…

 Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs.  God’s handiwork helped us through a very sad time.  His grace will enable us to carry on.  We miss you, Crystal.


Yes, it’s a long way to scroll down.  It was a long way up!


On the way down from Pikes Peak


OK, you’re having fun.  But what about those in the rumble seat?


Garden of the gods.  Awesome place, but why not call it God’s garden?


Brian and Susan’s new abode, only about 10 minutes away from us!


Rachel and Lee’s wedding celebration


Snow Candy


Light and momentary trouble; snow never sticks around in Tennessee!


It took all the snow in the yard to make this guy!


Before all the cherries came and before the birds got them


Dance, Dance, Girls!


Way to go Daughter Girl!


Guess whose party?


Great day for an outdoor graduation, Susan!



Topher playing for Losing Ground


Losing Ground studio recording session


The next big star?


Mom’s place in Bristol, TN


Dad’s memorial garden


Where did all the water come from?  Watch the video!


Where did all the mud come from?  Watch the video!



Wow, is she hot, or what?!


If you don’t mind the crowd, Nashville’s fireworks can’t be beat!


Thanks, Mom, for giving us a great place to stay for the reunion!


Reunion folks watching previous reunion folks


Storm approaching beautiful Navarre Beach


Remnants of Ivan


Mom, you look young enough to be my sister!


What a great family!


I finally won the company trip!  Destination: Cayman Islands


Prettiest lady there!


View from our balcony


Submarine ride 100 feet down


Who wouldn’t enjoy a boat ride with this beauty by my side?


Yes, we are holding a stingray!


Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman


My favorite time at the beach: sunset!


God paints the best portraits, doesn’t He?


Chris decided against the cap and gown.  Only his cake got to wear one.


What a shot, what form!


Speaking of form…


Paddling down the scenic Harpeth River, Kingston Springs, TN


“Keep up the good work, Sharon!”


Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!


Demonstration of the proper way to Canoe


Should I take the plunge or not?


Somebody has to watch the canoes, right?


From the mountains to the islands, there’s still no place like home!



Topher rehearsing for the Orlando Concert


Beings kids again at the Park!



History buffs at Andrew Jackson’s house



The girls at the church retreat



Looking down at the Harpeth River we canoed back in July



Recycling the old deck to make a new bridge



Gob and Lucy, Brian and Susan’s new kids



Faceless student and teacher


Everybody wants to be a rock star!



Nashville Predators game



Yes, I know, my side of the family is kinda weird!



Wow, snow twice in one year! 



Steph and Chris now live just a few miles away!



 That’s a wrap on 2008, quite a year in so many ways!



  1. Suanne says:

    The year sure did start off with sorrow for all of us but the Lord used even that to show us his creation and wonderfulness. What a great year ya’ll have had and there’s still more to go.

    Love you

  2. marvintucker says:

    I am so happy for you guys. It is evident that God’s JOY is in your hearts.

    By the way, congrats on winning the trip. What a beautiful place!!! What a Creator!!!!

  3. Melody says:

    These pictures are AWESOME!
    Photography is my other passion!
    Photo- Journalism is what I’m majoring in.
    My minor is Psychology.

  4. Sharon says:

    Wow, what a year. I can’t believe all that happened in one year.
    Made me smile going down memory lane again 🙂

  5. scannerman says:

    Great pictures

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